White House insiders have confirmed that De Facto President Bannon is preparing to stage an event that will allow him to declare martial law in the US. While Kellyanne Conway’s clumsy attempt to insert the fictitious “Bowling Green Massacre” into the national conversation backfired, Sean Spicer’s false claims about terrorist attacks in Atlanta have not been as publicly and thoroughly exposed, and Trump’s base is whipping itself into just the kind of fearful frenzy that Bannon wants. Meanwhile, Bannon is paying supporters 10K a pop to don masks and disrupt scheduled peaceful protests with violence, and initiate violent demonstrations where no protests were planned. Once the country has been suitably primed in this manner, Bannon’s forces will bomb either the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, or the Washington Monument – or all three. At that point Bannon, speaking through Trump, will declare a National State of Emergency lasting indefinitely. When this will take place depends on the judicial challenges to the administration’s travel ban. If the ban is upheld, expect martial law in June, but if it isn’t upheld, or goes to the Supreme Court, Bannon will act sometime in March.


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