The controversy surrounding the recount efforts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have already uncovered suspicious activity. While Donald Trump’s ties with Russia and the Mob were glossed over during the campaign by media seemingly obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, new evidence coming to light now is proving impossible to ignore. The hacking collective known as Anonymous, in what seems to be an effort to prove that it hasn’t jumped the shark, has revealed that agents of Russian President Vladimir Putin – organized in the US by Sergei Samozvanets – were working closely with known associates of Pennsylvania mob boss Sal Satira in the days leading up to the November 8 election. Mr. Satira’s arm of the syndicate is well-known for its ability to, as he calls it, “lean on people”, while Agent Samozvanets’crew are considered experts in all manner of identity theft. Interestingly enough, the first communication intercepted by Anonymous was not electronic, but scrawled on the back of a deli receipt. The note read, “If Mr. Trump wants Pennsylvania, it’s gonna cost him.” The Trump Times attempted to question Mr. Satira as he was leaving Trump Tower this morning, but he declined to comment. Agent Samozvanets appears to have gone dark.


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